1.  No. BRIGHTENING COLLECTION // This new collection is my favorite by far.  The older I get, the more I find my skin to be dull and gray looking.  I often won’t leave the house with makeup on because of it.  That all changed for me after I started using the Brightening Collection.  It’s packed with antioxidant Vitamin C Complex.  If trying the entire collection all at once isn’t in your budget, then I suggest starting with the oil.  It’s truly amazing and something I can’t live without.
  2. DEW SKIN TINTED MOISTURIZER //  This product also changed my life.  It gives me the perfect glow, has SPF 20, is perfectly lightweight (great for summer) and is just an added layer of hydration.  I love the Dewey, hydrated look it gives my skin.
  3. COLOR CONTOUR MATTE BRONZER // If you’re looking for a great matte bronzer, look no further.  It gives me the perfect coverage for day or night and it’s $39!!  Not to mention completely safe.
  4. COLOR SHADE EYE DUO // Out of all of my shadows (Beautycounter and other brands) this duo is my favorite by far.  When I’m going for a natural look with a pretty glow, I use the PEARL/CHAMPAGNE compact.
  5. COLOR PINCH CREAM BLUSHER // I love a good blush stick.  For the days when you don’t feel like wearing makeup, you can just use this cream blusher stick and it gives you the perfect rosy look.
  6. GLOW SHIMMER OIL // By far one of my favorite BC products.  I throw this oil on almost every day.  It’s great for a glowing natural day look but also gives you a sexy shimmer for night.  And the best part about this oil is you can apply it from head to toe.  So feel free to use it on your face!
  7. LUMINOUS NUDES GIFT SET // Lip gloss is by far something I can’t live without.  I find myself applying lipgloss even when I’m home doing nothing.  Beautycounter’s Lip Gloss moisturizes your lips just as well as any chap stick.  A nude color lip is one of the biggest beauty trends right now.  So I went crazy when the shade Bare Shimmer was launched.  It’s natural looking with a hint of shimmer.  This pairing because Twig is my favorite lip stick shade, and it compliments Bare Shimmer perfectly.

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I was lucky enough to be asked to participate in a segment with my dear friend Leslie Gaydos, of Boston’s NECN, to test out a Lip Stain.  Every Wednesday morning at 8:40AM, Leslie does a segment called “Does It Work,” where she tests out consumer products to see if they in fact, do work.

We were eager to try  the Cailyn Cocoon Lip Stain to see if it stood the test of time and stayed on for a full ten hours, just as the label claims.  It was such a fun day and both Leslie and I found that the lip stain actually did stay on for about ten hours.  Check out our segment below.  To try the lip stain for yourself, click HERE to purchase it.  And be sure to follow Leslie on Twitter @leslienecn.

J.Crew Sweater // J.Crew Necklace // Madewell Jeans // Christian Louboutin Shoes // Diamond Studs // Madewell Tassel Hoop // Beautycounter makeup (not lip stain)


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I was approached by Pearl & Clasp to feature a pair of their gorgeous Freshwater Pearl Earrings.  So, when I saw the Black Pearls, I fell in love.  I love the shape of the pearl and I love the metallic hues the pearl gives off.  Be sure to check out their entire collection here.

Photos By: J+Co

Black Pearl Earrings // ℅  Pearl & Clasp

Top // Who What Wear for Target

Jeans // J.Crew

Belt // Hermes

Circle pave stud // Zara