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May 19, 2015


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I have always invested in fun pieces of jewelry for my wardrobe.  Whether it’s a 14k signet ring or a funky statement necklace, I find that jewelry can clean up an outfit when there’s something missing.  And jewelry also has the great ability to stand alone, allowing you to put very little thought into your outfit, while still making an impact. During the warmer months, I tend to grab for tees and shorts and a great piece of jewelry.  I don’t love being hot, so I become a bit lazy when it comes to summer dressing.  So I find it much easier to wear a perfect fitting tee with shorts and let the jewels do the talking! I just invested in a few pieces for the summer.  And one piece in particular (the first necklace shown below) was a bit pricey.  However, I’m sure I will get my return on investment with this piece.  Because I won’t be saving it for a special night out.  I’ll most likely be throwing it on with my favorite t-shirt every day. Check out some of my favorite pieces I’ve invested in this Spring.   **** ALL PIECES FROM WWW.JCREW.COM EXCEPT FOR #3.  CLICK

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With Memorial Day weekend just days away, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite weekend getaway (or stay home) items.  Whether you’re lounging by the pool, escaping to the beach, or enjoying your favorite people at a BBQ,  it’s always fun to have some of these items along for the trip. BEACH TOWEL: Nordstrom SUNNIES: Nordstrom NECKLACE: Ylang23 JUMPSUIT: Nordstrom SUNSCREEN: Nordstrom HAT: J.Crew SANDALS: Saks STUDS: Ylang23 SWIMSUIT: J.Crew

May 18, 2015


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  SWEATER: J.Crew | TRENCH: J.Crew | JEANS: Nordstrom |CLUTCH: Lulu’s | BOOTIES: Nordstrom |NECKLACE: Nordstrom | NAIL POLISH: Nordstrom

April 20, 2015


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We are finally moved in and the list of odds and ends we “need” is painfully long.  Having a few entrances into the house, and not having any grass, puts doormats at the top of the list.  The mud that’s being tracked into the house is going to make me insane.  So, I started my quest for the perfect doormat…or I should say, doormats.  Here are a few I found that caught my eye. 1: Wayfair 2: Lulu & Georgia 3: Wayfair 4: Wayfair 5: Etsy 6: Wayfair

March 23, 2015


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I am more than ready for Spring.  Here is a little Spring Fever Inspiration! 1: J.Crew 2: GAP 3: J.Crew 4: Asos 5: Nordstrom 6: Nordstrom 7: Forever 21

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