I Got It From My Mama

Very few of us are lucky enough to inherit a fashion sense from anyone, let alone our mothers. I am even more lucky than most to have inherited a fashion sense from both my mother and her mother, my grandmother.

Growing up I can remember sitting in my mom’s enormous walk-in closet, just staring at her clothes. I would try on her silk shirts, her beaded dresses and her heels. I can remember she would keep her really good shoes in a tall, cardboard, floral printed stack of drawers. Sounds bizarre right? Ok, I’ll admit I have no idea where she got that thing and why it was cardboard, let alone floral printed, but she kept her nicest shoes in it. Or at least, I thought they were her nicest shoes.

My mom appreciates fashion almost as much as I do…not quite as much…but almost as much. She loves to shop and thinks nothing of “running” to the mall and spending countless hundreds of dollars on clothes for herself, me, and my kids! In the recent years, she’s gotten a bit quirky about what she wears, for example turtlenecks “choke” her, but overall, she’s maintained her sense of fashion and style.

I can remember going to neighbors’ houses, family members’ houses and even friends’ houses and as soon as I’d get there, I’d ask the lady of the house if I could see her closet….to try on her shoes and look at her clothes of course. As a teenager, when those people would remind me of that childhood memory I was majorly embarrassed. But now, I’m sort of proud. Fashion and style have always made me excited, happy and inspired.

This picture of my mother is dated 1975. It’s one of my favorite pictures of her. I think this outfit is amazing. Who unloads groceries in a beret? My mom of course. She looks fabulous. I can remember staring at this picture as a child and still do, to this day. I love everything, from the plaid shirt, to the mid length skirt, to the way she styled the entire outfit with the brown leather belt and the beret. It’s brilliant and beautiful….just like my mom.

On to another of my most favorite pictures of my mother. Do I even need to go on? I mean, the romper is adorable but how about the way she looks in it? Perfection! And notice her Kork-Ease! Chic and comfortable. Kork-Ease made their way back a year or two ago. And while, they’re a bit pricy they are a super cute and comfortable wedge. She’s such a fan that she bought another pair last year.

And here…just hanging out with the girls, most likely cooking (another thing she is amazing at) she rocks a one shoulder tee. She makes me look lazy, as I typically don’t wear something that requires a strapless bra when cooking in with the girls.

So, like I said, I inherited my fashion sense from both my mother and my grandmother. She’s a another story for another day. Stay tuned…..


Well, we all know by now that Missoni did a lower priced line for Target that was launched and sold out on Sept. 13th.  Back in mid summer I remember the feeling of delight and excitement as I was feverishly reading through Lucky Magazine and came across the announcement that my beloved Missoni was going to be doing a line for Target!  Could it be?  After all, I covet my only piece of Missoni, my gorgeous pastel signature print scarf that I wear almost every day in the winter…even around the house.  It looks amazing with my sweats and long sleeve tees…I’m not kidding.

I digress…so the first thing I did was enter in my iphone that on Sept. 13, I needed to be nowhere else in the world but Target.  Not volunteering at my son’s school, not my daughter’s 2 year checkup, not even the gym.  Target.  As the weeks grew closer I started to get anxiety about the Missoni extravaganza.  And believe it or not, my intuition was right!

That morning, I woke up and hopped out of bed with an extra spring in my step.  I was extra nice to my husband and children, after all this was going to be a historical day and I was going to be part of it!  I continued with the morning routine and basically pushed my son on the bus, maybe even passed the bus on the way, racing to Target.  At one point, I did think I was overreacting by rushing to Target.  After all, no one (besides a few of my girlfriends) is as obsessed with Missoni as I am.  People don’t even know what that is!  Well…there was no overreaction.  Again, the intuition.

And this is where your opinion of me may change…As I walked into the store I saw a large group of women already going through the Missoni merchandise.  There were hats, gloves, cardigans, dresses, skirts, shirts, tights, socks…you name it, they made it.  As soon as I saw those evil women crowding around MY MISSONI racks, I lost control.  I ran up to the racks and grabbed anything and everything I could.  It didn’t even matter if it was in my size, I just grabbed.  Looking back, I think I had an outer body experience.  I lost all sense of self-control, dignity, and financial responsibility.  It was ugly.  And I was sweaty.  Very sweaty.

I then sped around the store, grabbing Missoni home goods, desk supplies, and shoes.  And then…I spotted the little girls clothing.  I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination.  It was shameful and ugly and one of the best days of my life.  The Target employees kept asking what all the fuss was about.  I don’t think I even answered them or acknowledged them.  I was in the zone.

And then I got to the register.  The sweat was everywhere.  And the total came to $680.00.  I knew what I was in for, but didn’t realize it was going to be that bad.  I told myself it was ok, because my friend Natasha (who by the way took part in this insane behavior with me) racked up a total of over $1000.00.  So $680 was just a drop in the hat right?

My plan was to take everything home, away from all of those vultures and go through every piece.  So I did.  And as I did, the guilt started to set in and sort of ruined one of the best days of my life.  So, to make a long story short, I ended up with three sweaters, a skirt, some note cards, a cute hat and wellies for my daughter.  The rest went back.  I was ok with it.  I knew it was either return everything else or risk my husband banishing me to a deserted island where retail and fashion don’t exist.  So I exercised self control.  And it ended up being a pretty good day after all.