Outfit | Navy Pencil Skirt

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All I can say here is, I apologize if my pale legs blind you.  I think it’s pretty obvious that I could use a day or two outside!

Sweater: J.Crew (older, but love this one) | Skirt: J.Crew | Shoes: Christian Louboutin | Necklace: Gift from my BFF (similar here) |

Nail Polish: Chanel Black Satin | Ring: Vale Jewelry

Photos By: Jennifer Christie Photography


My Style | A Few of My Favorite Things

Someone recently asked me if I had some favorite pieces in my closet.  And while, I pretty much love everything in my closet, I took a look and pulled a few of my favorite things.  Here are just a few.  And please feel free to comment and tell me what your favorite pieces are in your closet.


1.  This is my grandmother’s mink stole.  She gave it to me a while ago and I cherish it.

2.  I will aways love my very first pair of Louboutins.  They’re timeless and super comfortable.  But what I love most is Greg surprised me with them  for Christmas a few years ago.  As you can see, they’ve gotten some wear!


3.  This Chanel bag was my 10 year wedding anniversary gift from Greg.  I picked it out through email while on vacation in Aruba.  I typically wouldn’t make such a big purchase without seeing it in person, but I knew “she” was mine at first sight.

4.  I bought this necklace from Net-a-porter a few years ago.  And while I felt a bit guilty about the price tag, I have definitly gotten my ROI on this piece.  It was a smart purchase because the colors are so neutral that I can wear it with pretty much anything.  And I do!

5.  As you know, I tend to monogram a lot of my clothing…bathing suits, shorts, jeans, and tops.  Here is a stack of sweaters and tees I have monogrammed.  I couldn’t choose because I love them all!

6.  I will admit, this piece sits in my closets for a good part of the year, but I still love it.  This isn’t your every day jacket, however when I wear it I feel chic and hip and feminine.  I love wearing this with a white tee and destroyed jeans.

7.  And last but not least is this little number.  I just purchased this baseball tee and I can’t wait to wear it.  I do wish I sized down because it’s a bit oversized, however I will make it work!

1.  Vintage Stole | 2.  Christian Louboutin 85mm Simple Pump | 3.  Chanel Bag | 4.  Net-a-porter (older, but love this one) | 5.  J.Crew Sweaters & Tees | 6.  J.Crew Colletion Jacket (older, but love this one) | 7.  Wildfox Baseball Tee (sold out, but love this one)


Life | Fake Believe

I suppose this is a bit of a Gravity spoiler alert, so beware.

So tonight was a great night.  My in-laws called and wanted the kids to go over their house for a bit.  Greg and I first thought, “Great!  We are going to dinner and then we are going to…..” Well, it turned out, we didn’t feel like doing anything.  But finally, after feeling like ungrateful adults, we decided to go to the mall and grab dinner.  Anyone who knows me knows this is considered an A+ night.  My two favorite things (you know, other than my amazing children and mother, and brother, and friends I constantly brag about) Shopping and Food.  I figured, I’d drag Greg to the mall on a Saturday when it’s completely mobbed.  I’d get him super overwhelmed and stressed out, which in turn would force him to sit outside of J.Crew and read Barstool on his phone, while I tear through my retail sanctuary and absolutely obliterate my J.Crew charge (you got 20% off tonight when you used your J.Crew card).  Then, I could take him to PF Chang’s, where he would A) be so grateful that I finally agreed to eat Asian food and B) give him a martini and I’d break the news of what happened in J.Crew.  And it would all be ok because he was buzzed, mentally defeated by the mall crowd, and happy about the Asian food he hadn’t had in almost a year.

Perfect.  Night went as planned.  We leave, pick up the kids, get them to bed and decide to watch GRAVITY.  I often say that Greg lives a whole life without me when it comes to movies.  He tends to watch every movie ever released on the plane and I have ADD, so by the time New Releases are featured on On Demand, he’s seen it and I’m over it because I can’t sit for that long.  BUT, tonight was different.

I kept saying all night, lets rent Gravity!!  And oddly, he didn’t say much in response.  And since I knew football wasn’t on, I knew there could only be one other reason he wasn’t jumping for joy that I wanted to watch a movie…..he knew I would hate it and in turn hate him for allowing me to watch it.  They say you should always trust your womanly instincts.  And tonight, between the MSG and the Pinot Grigio at dinner, my instincts were all clogged up.

So we start Gravity.  And without spoiling it for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, IT’S DEPRESSING.  It ruined my night.  I’m tired of these main characters being killed off at the beginning of a movie or show.  I tolerated Robb Stark being completed smoked in the “Red Wedding”, but never expected the shit that happened in Gravity.  After all, it’s a movie.  It’s make believe.  And if I am going to watch make believe, I want everyone to be able to go home at night and sleep safely and soundly.  Funny how Sandra Bullock gets stuck in outer space and you’re suppose to be shocked by the horrible conditions, etc.  However, she takes off her space suit and just so happens to be wearing a $75 James Perse wife-beater and tiny little Lululemon shorts, and looks amazing.  Right…left all alone in outer space with a rocking body and high quality workout gear.  Make believe…I call that Fake Believe.

So, needless to say, I’m mad at Greg for not insisting we watch Legally Blonde and I’m mad at anyone who had a hand in creating the movie Gravity.  I mean, all I wanted was a relaxing end to my amazing night.  And now, not only do I feel like I’m wading through the wrong air pressure in my house, but I’m pissed that everyone didn’t live happily ever after.  I’m chalking this week up to a loss.

P.S. I did, however get a free gift at Neiman’s for spending $100,000 at the Chanel counter.  And I got the last bottle of Black Satin Nail Polish.  So I guess I’ll survive…Sandra Bullock style.