I was lucky enough to be asked to participate in a segment with my dear friend Leslie Gaydos, of Boston’s NECN, to test out a Lip Stain.  Every Wednesday morning at 8:40AM, Leslie does a segment called “Does It Work,” where she tests out consumer products to see if they in fact, do work.

We were eager to try  the Cailyn Cocoon Lip Stain to see if it stood the test of time and stayed on for a full ten hours, just as the label claims.  It was such a fun day and both Leslie and I found that the lip stain actually did stay on for about ten hours.  Check out our segment below.  To try the lip stain for yourself, click HERE to purchase it.  And be sure to follow Leslie on Twitter @leslienecn.

J.Crew Sweater // J.Crew Necklace // Madewell Jeans // Christian Louboutin Shoes // Diamond Studs // Madewell Tassel Hoop // Beautycounter makeup (not lip stain)