My Style: PJ’s and Comfy Clothes

When it comes to pajamas and what I wear around the house, one memory comes to mind.  When I was pregnant (both times really) with my second (my daughter Drew)  I was the size of an excavator.  I’m not joking.  This particular day, I was about nine months pregnant and spending the day at my best friends’ beach club.  Not expecting it to be cold, I had to buy a pair of sweatpants in the gift shop.  I came across a GIGANTIC pair of MEN’S sweats and grabbed them.  I figured, given the size my body was able to grow to, I needed the largest garment in the store.   It was pretty much rock bottom.  I can only imagine how thrilled the CFO was when I came back to the beach wearing pants that would probably fall off of him.

Side note: It wasn’t that I was choosing to look frumpy.  The truth is, I had a vision of a cute pregnant girl wearing baggie little sweats with a fitted tee and a perfect little bump, just sitting on the beach, NOT drinking a margarita.  The problem is, I wasn’t that girl but apparently I didn’t know that.

Anyway, those gigantic sweats were a staple for the first few weeks after I had Drew.  Until…one day I sat down and downloaded all the photos from the day I had her and the days after.  I can remember downloading them and walking away, not really going through them.  Well, you know how your photos scroll through as a screen saver on your screen?   I happened to be sort of watching the screen saver slideshow when it came to a photo of a woman bending over, changing a baby’s diaper at a pack and play.  And that “woman” was wearing gigantic, frumpy, horrendous men’s sweats.  That person was me.  I almost died.  It was horrifying.  Because I couldn’t believe that I had A) apparently never looked in the mirror after sliding those babies on and B) had resorted to wearing men’s clothing on a regular basis.  And the problem was, the sweats were SO big and so frumpy that they truly weren’t treating my postpartum body kindly…and really, why would they?  They weren’t meant for me to wear.  They were meant for men to wear.  And we all know men CAN NOT have babies..and we all know why….and I don’t mean because they don’t have a uterus.

So….the lessons here ladies are:

-Don’t let anyone take a photo of you bending over to change a baby’s diaper, pregnant, postpartum, or ever.
-Don’t buy sweats at a gift shop and if you absolutely have to, buy women’s.
-And lastly, wear clothes that fit you properly.  

The last is the most important lesson.  You see, I was a big pregnant woman, and I apparently was ok with that (not really, I’m lieing).  But I would have looked a lot less gigantic if I wore the damn sweats on the beach and then burned them in the fire as kindling.  And before you start attacking me for negatively talking about weight and all that, please keep in mind that I am not a string bean (as you can see).  I am healthy and curvy and completely content with that.  I believe it doesn’t matter what size you are, as long as you are happy in your own skin (I just wasn’t very happy in the skin I was sporting while pregnant).  And I still believe that a pregnant woman should indulge and blow up like tick.  Because after all, you are carrying around another human being, you’re entitled to do just about anything…except have a margarita on the beach, which brings me back to why you should indulge and blow up.

Oh…so anyway, now that I’ve put you to sleep once again, my point is….pregnant, not pregnant, recovering from surgery, or just hanging around on the weekends, I highly recommend doing it in something comfortable, gender appropriate, and your size, not your husband’s.  Here are some of my favorites.



1.  Pajamas: J.Crew | 2.  Green Top: | 3.  Gray Crops: | 4.  Cardigan:

5.  Jeweled Chambray Shirt: J.Crew  | 6.  Leggings: | 7.  Owl Pullover: | 8.  Sweats: Old Navy 

My Style: Cozy and Relaxed

 Just when you thought you’d never see me again!  I’m back and it’s cold.  The weather
in New England this time of year can make a person crazy.  It’s freezing cold and
snowing a lot.  And while it’s a great hibernation period for my Louboutins, it’s often hard
to motivate myself to get dolled up.  So, I try to embrace the cold weather, the hibernation
period (for both myself and my shoes) and stay cozy…and relaxed.
P.S.  I will say, one of the things I do love about this time of year is the early arrival of
Valentine’s Day Candy.  My very favorite (and probably the most unhealthy) are the
chewy cinnamon hearts.   I’ll typical buy one or two bags, eat them pretty much in one
sitting, become completely sick to my stomach, and never look at them  again for another
year.  You’re welcome for the health tip.



1. Top: | 2.  Sunglasses: J.Crew | 3.  Pants: | 4.  Hat: J.Crew |

5.  Scarf: | 6. Sneakers: J.Crew | 7.  Lipgloss: Nordstrom | 8.  Bracelet: Vale

Jewelers  | 9.  Candy: CVS